Two Weeks in Morocco

Two Weeks in Morocco

How Did We Choose Morocco?

The process for picking our trips is generally more art than science. We usually just look at the globe and see what jumps out. In this case, there was a little science involved. Chris went to Google flights and searched for the cheapest international non-stop flight from New York.  Ruling out the Caribbean, which we weren’t interested in, Casablanca won.

I’d been to Morocco once before, but just to Tangiers. It was really more of an add-on to a larger trip to Spain.  So, I felt that I hadn’t properly seen Morocco. The fact that I’d already been there and he hadn’t was an added bonus for Chris.  Not because I brought some expertise or insight, but because he’s always trying to catch up to my country count.

You can see the full photo journal here.

Overall Impressions

We really loved Morocco. The people are warm and hospitable.  The design esthetics of the country were so beautiful.  And for a relatively small country, it had an incredible range of landscapes.  That was a bit of an unexpected surprise, and made some of the long days in the car far more enjoyable.  It’s probably not a beginner trip, at least the way we did it.  Getting around is a little complicated.  Of course, you could do a far more luxurious version of this trip than we did and cut out some of the complications.  But, we didn’t feel we needed that.  Plus, the bang for your buck was amazing.    



Day 1: Fly in; Casablanca → Marrakesh via train

Days 2 and 3: Marrakech

Day 4: Marrakech → Essaouira via car

Day 5: Essaouira

Day 6: Essaouira → Tarudant via car

Day 7: Tarudant

Day 8: Tarudant → Skoura via car

Day 9:  Skoura → Merzouga via car

Day 10: Erg Chebbi

Day 11:  Merzouga → Fes via car

Day 12 and 13: Fes

Day 14: Fes → Casablanca via train

Day 15: Fly Home

Thoughts on the Itinerary

On any trip, you make trade offs in the itinerary.  We prioritized getting to the Sahara, and so that drove a lot of the itinerary.  We thought it was worth it, though.  We didn’t make it to Tangiers or Chefchaouen, both of which are well worth a visit.  Tangiers has a vibe its own and is a very interesting place, and Chefchouen is this beautiful, blue-washed hill town.  But given that I’d already been to both, Chris agreed to forego those in favor of our other destinations.   

The only change we might have made would have been to skip Essaouira, and instead drive over the High Atlas to the south.  It’s a bit of a harrowing drive, I hear, but I think we would have enjoyed it.  Essaouira took us around the mountains.  People really seem to love Essaouria, and it does have a great coastal feel.  We thought it was just ok.  But, our experience may have been somewhat tainted by the rain.   

When we started planning, I wasn’t sure Morocco warranted a two week trip.  Now having gone, I can’t imagine having to limit the trip to one week.  I easily could have spent three weeks there.  Morocco has so much to offer!


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